In life there is one commodity that we all cannot get back. The one thing that cost nothing but once gone cannot be replaced or bought,

That one thing is TIME.

For me that is what photography is all about. Capturing that one moment, that snap shot in Time so it can be in capsulized forever. That one shot of happiness, joy, and laughter. That shot capturing an achievement so hard work for or to mark a mile stone to be remembered and shared for all time. A Visual representation of history and a moment in one’s Time on this earth.

I Love joy in people and the power of a smile or tear of joy brings the true essence of what it is to be alive, to be human. And as my chosen genre to shoot I love to shoot people in their most moments of most joy . I love weddings, Christenings and Family
shoots. The magic and celebration of them and seeking out that one shot that embodies the truest and most real and genuine of the day is what I strive for.

Photography for me is more than taking a picture. It’s a Snap shot in to a personal sense of an individual’s history and a moment in time that is immortalised forever.

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Northampton, UK